Vuex module to interface with AWS Cognito


npm install @vuetify/vuex-cognito-module
yarn add @vuetify/vuex-cognito-module


Import into your project's entry point (src/main.js in most Vue projects)

import attachCognitoModule from '@vuetify/vuex-cognito-module'

Attach cognito module to the store

import store from './store'

attachCognitoModule(store, {
  UserPoolId: 'your-data-here',
  IdentityPoolId: 'your-data-here',
  ClientId: 'your-data-here',
  Region: 'your-data-here'
}, 'cognito')

Example Project

An example project can be found here


Create a Nuxt plugin in the plugins/ directory in your Nuxt project.

Within your plugin file attach the cognito module to the store

import attachCognitoModule from '@vuetify/vuex-cognito-module'

export default (ctx, inject) => {
  const store =
  attachCognitoModule(store, {
    userPoolId: 'your-data-here',
    identityPoolId: 'your-data-here',
    userPoolWebClientId: 'your-data-here',
    region: 'your-data-here'
  }, 'cognito')

And finally in your nuxt.config.js file register your plugin.

plugins: ['@/plugins/vuex-cognito-module.js']