Configuring AWS Cognito (Part 1)

Setup User Pool

  1. Log in to AWS console and select Cognito

  2. Select "Manage User Pools"

Cognito Welcome Screen

  1. Select "Create a user pool" in the top right corner.

User Pool Landing

  1. Create a name for your user pool, and select "Review defaults".

Creation Wizard

  1. Select App Clients in the left side bar and click "Add an App Client"

App Clients

⚠️ Important!

Uncheck "Generate client secret". This will cause problems in your app otherwise.

If you create a client with a secret, you will need to recreate the app client.

Uncheck Seret

  1. Give your client a name and uncheck "Generate client secret"

  2. Review and create your user pool!

On to Creating a Federated Identity Pool!